The Origin Of “” first came into existence on the 11th of March 2007, and the reason why it was launched was to inform anyone and everyone about anything and everything. The site is a comprehensive directory of information that is meant to entertain as well as educate the reader. The website originated in India and was the idea of Anurag Bhateja where he thought that it would be a fun and useful idea to have a directory of information on a website that informed us about cartoon characters and where they originated from. However this idea has grown into something rather more and now theoriginof .com covers subject matters as diverse as academies to is a pretty self explanatory and apt name for this informative website, it explore the origin of anything, it does not matter what, everything is grist to its mill. is here to inform and hopefully also in that process entertain. was initially launched on 11th March of 2007 and was based on an idea that came from an Indian newspaper, the National newspaper has a children’s section that contains small paragraphs explaining where cartoon characters originated from. Anurag Bhateja had a very simple yet profound idea when he decided to enter into this market; a little bit of information written in an interesting article format, so that the reader could be entertained as well as informed.

When the website was first launched, it was thought that it would be fun to write about the origins of cartoons and the first article undertaken was about probably the most famous of all cartoon characters worldwide, Mickey Mouse! And although the article was very popular, theoriginof .com later found that Scooby Doo is actually the most famous of all cartoon characters, and did you know that originally he was named “Too Much” it was only when Fred Silverman the creator of the show was listening to a Frank Sinatra song that he decided to change the dogs name to “Scooby Doo”. Many Indian Cartoon and comic characters are featured on the website and the origins of Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Nagraj and Dhruv can all be explored by the curious.

So is very, very close to achieving its first anniversary, and the concept of discovering has grown from the twenty first articles plus, which were written by Gunjan Chawla from Delhi. There are now hundreds of articles on the site that cover the most diverse range of topics. A second writer was also brought on board, Bot Sundiam, he also wrote more than twenty articles for the website and brought a new perspective with him.

Due to the popularity of the site and the demand for more interesting articles relating to “the origin of” now contains many items of very diverse interest, if you need to know the origin of, for instance, “panties” you will find it here. Body art, covering topics such as the origin of tattoos, hair styles and body piercing is also to be found. Chemical substances such as liquid fireworks; foodstuffs, of course in this category the first thing that comes to my mind is chocolate, you will find out the origin of chocolate. Who would not want to know where chocolate originated from? Perhaps you would? Well according to our researchers chocolate has a very long history and was once thought of as the food of the Gods, apparently it was originally used in religious rituals in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

All this information and more can be found on, so if you have a thirsts for knowledge and are just longing to know how the first synthetic polymer (Nylon) originated, the history of the telephonic shower, or even the origin of the Seven Sister, is certainly the place to be and is certainly a place to bookmark for further review, because as the website continues to grow and include more dives subject matter, you will probably find that you really do want to know theoriginof everything that interests you.